Luggage Shop is the brainchild of a bunch of travelers and footloose characters from two states in India. Our founding members are avid travelers and are spread across the hills of Himachal Pradesh to the plains of Madhya Pradesh.

Since we travel a lot, we were buying a lot of luggage and associated items. This led us to an idea. We faced a real issue while shopping for luggage locally. The products that were available were very narrow in options plus there was always a fear of buying something that was not genuine. At times, we were even duped by local sellers at many places. Our research told us that this was not an isolated issue but something that many people like us were facing across the nation.

As a solution, this Luggage Shop was born. It is a guide for buying luggage online. We couldn't write in a better way because that's what our site is about. Luggage Shop is your one-stop blog for reviewing every luggage product that you can shop online.

With us, quality always takes precedence over quantity. Therefore, we review and cover only the best luggage items that are available on the online marketplaces.

What's Our Sole Objective?

Our sole objective is to provide our site visitors with an utterly satisfying and wholesome luggage shopping experience. We wish to be the most authentic and reliable source of information on luggage items.

What Will You See On This Website?

Dead honest, you'll find straightforward reviews for the select best luggage that is presently being sold online. With us, there are no tall tales and beating around the bush. We don't endorse any particular product or brand, and we don't do paid reviews as well. We don't get judgemental and this is what you will always feel while reading our reviews.

If you are a person who wants to buy a piece of luggage that will give you the utmost satisfaction, then heed our advice. We are sure you would not be disappointed.