A young college-going maiden's life is full of confusion. The reason we used the word confusion is the fact that the online space is full of alluring choices to be made. However, the choices are so much that it's very easy to lose track of the trends that are in vogue.

Well, that's why our team of fashion freaks are here. We will completely demystify the trends in bags for girls here. So that you get to flaunt the best ones that are out there. Just keep on reading girls, we are sure by the time you reach the end, you would be entering your campus with max style quotient. Just read on we have some good long side bags for college girl here too.

Top Side Bags for College Girls in India - 2022

In a hurry to get the best looking and the trendiest side bags for taking along to college. Well, here we have provided a quick buying reference for all you busy girls out there. Just refer to the links in the table and have fun flaunting your oomph factor.

Best Side Bags for College Girls in India

Well, 2022 should be the year of glamour, all the pretty damsels have been inside their homes for a long time now. That too without any significant shopping for accessories. Now, that's cruel if you ask us.

The time has now come to buy the best looking side bags and take the campus with a glam storm. So if you are ready for it then just keep on reading and pick up the next hot side bag that you can carry to your campus.

Our team of fashion and accessories reviewers have gone great lengths to create the list that you see below, do check them out and look your best. We are sure bliss is what you will get.

Since you have explored the tabular list above, now its time to dive into the finer features of these side bags. Do read the post completely, you would get the right insights for landing up with your next best side bag.

1. Crafts My Dream Printed Rose Side Bag (Pink)

If you wear bold colors, then this is the side bag that you should flaunt. The pink floral design goes well with almost every attire that would be darkish in color. Well if you are a bit adventurous then you can try it with plain whites also. A few girls in our team tried it and loved it.

Crafts My Dream Printed Rose Side Bag (Pink)

Crafts My Dream Printed Rose Side Bag (Pink)

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It's made of high-quality durable material and it's very easy to clean too.

Key Features:

  • Printed Canvas Material
  • Open top zip closer & Flap Closer
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Stylish side bags for college girl

2. Kleio Women's & Girls' Sling Bag

Feeling retro, try this side bag. It looks so cute and stylish, something that you and your mom can both carry well with any attire. We loved it for its classy looks. So, if you are a sassy girl who loves to experiment with looks, then this is the bag you must own.
Kleio Women's & Girls' Sling Bag

Kleio Women's & Girls' Sling Bag

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It's made up of high-quality PU material, which means it's animal-friendly and weatherproof to a certain extent. Doubles up as stylish side bags for college girl.

Key Features:

  • 3 design options available
  • Ample space
  • Single flap access

3. Kleio Women's Sling Bag (White & Orange)

Love to carry some colour with you. This is the bag that you must explore. It's a fusion of chequered colours set on white background. Something that you won't see every day. This one is unique and is stitched exceptionally well.

Kleio Women's Sling Bag (White & Orange)

Kleio Women's Sling Bag (White & Orange)

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The girls who are flaunting it presently love it for its looks and textures. Everything about this side bag feels just right.

Key Features:

  • Good color combination
  • Value For Money
  • Super-quality jacquard and PU Material
  • Stylish side bags for college girl

4. Women Sling & Side Bag (Beige)

A girl at times has to wear formal attires to college. There are fests and then there are placements. So you cannot carry a casual bag to a formal event right. For those occasions, this bag is the perfect choice to be grabbed.

Its beige and white tones and the design makes it perfect for formal events.

Key Features:

  • PU Leather Side Bag
  • Comes with Zip Closure
  • Very Stylish

5. Musrat Pink Women Sling Bag

Pink goes well with everything. Don't you think? Well, the gals in our team love pink. Some of them have this side bag, and it sure does catch its own share of eyeballs. This bag is a must-have for your collection.

It's not only the looks, this bag sure fits the utility profile well too.

Key Features:

  • PU Material
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps 

6. Roshiaaz Women Side Bag (Beige)

The woven looks of this side bag for college girls really stole our hearts. It's pretty affordable and you should have this in your wardrobe. Perfect for weekend strolls and classes around the campus. One of the best side bags for college girl that you can buy online.

It's made of artificial leather and you must feel it in your hand to know what we are talking about.

Key Features:

  • Comes with magnetic button
  • Lovely woven design
  • Complete value for money

7. Lychee Bags Girl's Side Bag

Leather and polka dots. The design is perfect, tan-coloured flaps with white on black polka dots makes this one a heartthrob. Perfect bag for those girls who love to move around. Perfect for those college girls who want unabashed freedom.
Lychee Bags Girl's Side Bag

Lychee Bags Girl's Side Bag

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You would love it for everything. The bag is spacious and can be used even outside the campus setting.

Key Features:

  • Made of Canvas and vegan leather
  • Very durable
  • Very Trendy to carry

8. Glossy Girls Sling Bag

Ash grey with a tinge of gold glitter, want a side bag that will turn heads! This is the one. It looks super Haute and will stay in trend for a very long time. It's very sturdy too. Something that will make college girls into instant show stoppers.

Glossy Girls' Sling Bag

Glossy Girls' Sling Bag

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Killer looks are what defines this side bag, there is nothing to be not liked about this bag. A must-have for every college-going, girl. Its the side bags for college girl.

Key Features:

  • 5 Zip Compartments
  • Can Carry On Both Casual and Formal Occasions
  • Adjustable Crossbody Strap
  • No Genuine Leather 
  • No personalized options available

9. The House of Tara Women's Messenger & Side Bag

Love pure art? This side bag will ensure that your arty side is reflected very well in your persona. The confluence of art is what defines this side bag. Something that will surely change the class of those who carry it. These messenger bags are a must have for the modern women.

The House of Tara Women's Messenger & Side Bag

The House of Tara Women's Messenger & Side Bag

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Buy it- It will change your personality altogether.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Two External pockets
  • You can carry your laptop in it
  • No different sizes available
  • Can accommodate small books 

10. Crafts My Dream Women's Cross-Body

This side bag is for the lady in you. Perfect for formal events and even for a classy date out at a star-rated restaurant. The floral pattern on a white background will surely make you a diva. You can carry your books in this easily. This is one haute bags for girls that must be bought.
Crafts My Dream Women's Cross-Body

Crafts My Dream Women's Cross-Body

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Sophistication is what defines this fine side bag. It also has ample space to carry your girl stuff in style.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality canvas
  • Comes with two pockets
  • Complete value for money advantage 
  • Perfect college bag
  • Gives grain leather looks 
  • Does not have magnetic snap
  • Can easily accommodate cosmetics and daily wear

Other Notable Points

These bags for girls will help them flaunt their persona well. You can use them as shoulder bags, they do provide the flexibility of choosing the raw material also. Anyways carrying the correct college bag is essential. There are things that a girl always has to carry. The only place to store them safely is your shoulder bags/college bag. Having a college bag that is sturdy and stylish becomes vital automatically here.

A girls college bag is not a children school bag. They have to carry items that are very different. For example, carrying lipsticks, cards and other stuff for various purposes becomes vital. Keeping your stuff safe is another essential structure requirement of the bags for girls. Having a leather sling or a cotton lining is something that goes by default here. There should be pockets for carrying various cards also. One would also appreciate adjustable strap here too. That's how the structure should be of a bags for girls. It should suit more that one occasions perfectly.

End Note

A girl needs to look good no matter what. What you carry and how you carry it does make a difference. Side bags might seem like a small accessory but it does have a serious impact on the overall persona of a college-going girl. So if you are looking for a leather material bag or a simple canvas one, we have you covered. Can be used for visiting colleges regularly. You can carry your clothes in them also. We hope our post served its purpose and you were able to buy the best side bags for the college girl that you were looking for.